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The more we get together, the happier we'll be! Travel is a way of life. It exposes us to things that are unbelievable and yet right in front of our faces. It lets us experience other cultures and take part in daily routines and lives so foreign and yet so fascinating. It inspires us in ways we never thought possible. At Affinity, we firmly believe if everyone traveled to other lands, it would change the way we live in this one. Where do you want your next adventure to be?

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Spring Break Shenanigans!

This is a can't miss spring break trip! Join for an all-inclusive Mexcian vacation! Initially we just need to gauge interest to get pricing finalized. Packages will be around $1,500 per person and will include a quad room, flights and transfers to and from the airport. Upgrades will be available as will excrusions, spa and other amenities. Please only fill out this form only if you will be ready to commit with a deposit no later than November 5! For questions, email or text our travel advisor Jodi Kenner, 859.382.4722/jodi@travelwithaffinity.com!